Customer centricity, sustainability, technology and people, these are the four key elements on which the logistics of the future will revolve.

Topics discussed during the 18th edition of the DHL Conference “Life Science & Healthcare” Global Conference organized by DHL at the end of June. The event was an opportunity to discuss, with over 400 health sector professionals from all over the world, the future of logistics.

The logistics of the future, the themes

The two days Conference has revolved around the four key points, including interactive sessions in which all the main topics concerning the transport of medicines and medical devices have been touched. The cold chain, the last mile and temperature controlled air transport were discussed. Likewise, sessions have here was also focused attention on some world reality. In particolar:

  • italian situation in the light of DDL 2085
  • cheenese market
  • russian market
  • african market

The true protagonist of the event has been digitalization. From serialization, to e-commerce, from clinical trials to the use of big data, from the strategic redesign of the network to risk management, from the latest IoT and SmartSensor solutions to the warehouse of the future.

The four key points of the logistics of the future

  1. Customer centrality, which will be essential to meet their needs for a faster and more convenient logistics experience.
  2. Sustainability, which will be the imperative to operate in the logistics sector, with governments, cities and suppliers of solutions increasingly focused on entering into agreements to reduce CO2 emissions and waste.
  3. Technology, which will spread in logistics as a starting point to improve the cost / performance ratio for key trends such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
  4. People, however, remain at the center of logistics, although the trend towards robotics and automation (including software) will redefine the workforce structure of the logistics sector in the future.

Logistics Trend Radar 2018/2019

DHL has arrived at the fourth edition of the “Logistics Trend Radar”, a pioneering series inaugurated in 2013, which analyzes in detail 28 of the most significant social, business and technological trends that are transforming the future of logistics. The report was presented at the 18th Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Conference and was attended by over 10,000 logistics operators and technology experts. The main trends that are examined in the white paper concern Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, while, among the new trends, the “Smart Containerization” or intelligent containerization, which consists in the integration of logistic services into the smart home environments.